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Where Am I App

The Where Am I App is available for free download on the Play Store. It is one of the best My Location apps for ANdroid with an average rating of 4.2.
The where am I right now app for android allows you to get or share my current location.

My Location App

What is My Location will show your current location in latitude and longitude format as well as the address. There are many ways that you can use the my current location tool. Here are a few scenarios

What is My Location

1. When you are lost and can't find your way out, you may wonder what is my current location. This is when our My Location Now tool comes to help. You can find the exact address as well as the lat long, plus you can see the map of current location.

2. If you want to meet someone at a destinate location, but you are not sure what the address is. You can use the tool and show my current location and then share the link with that person.

Where Am I Now

In order for you to get your location now and be able to see the lat long, address and the map correctly, you need to enabled the location on your phone. Otherwise, what's my location tool wouldn't be able to find your current location. We do not store your data and will not share the data with anyone.

My Location

You can share your location with other people using the current location page. You can also save any location for later use.
In addition, you can search for any address or latlong and find the location on the map. You can also convert any latlong to address or vice versa. If you are have any questions about this Where am I app, please feel free to contact us. Install the where am I app today.

Where am I App for Android